Magical Snow

This past year I’ve focused some more time perfecting my photography skill and a few things I realized:

  1. Lightroom + RAW is AMAAAAAAZING!
  2. My Canon T3i is definitely not meant for RAW or those beautiful crisp photos.
  3. Buying a new camera body and an awesome lens is going to cost me a lot of mula.

I took some photos for a friend of mine. Her daughter recently turned 3 and we were just going to take some in my bedroom since it has great light. BUT a few hours before they showed up, it started snowing and it was so beautiful outside (not to mention not incredibly cold) so literally as soon as they got out of the car I took some photos. She was a champ and I am so happy how these all turned out!

I think I know what I’m going to save up for my birthday! 😉

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