Slab Pizza

A year and a half ago, Ryan and I (mostly me) wanted to try every single pizza on the menu at Slab Pizza. I can’t resist a good pizza. We decided to rate them 1-5, 5 being the best. By the end Ryan got pretty sick of them but I could do it all over again! Too bad we’re moving (probably better for our wallets though haha).

5 – “I love it and I will definitely get it again.”
4 – “I love it, I would probably get it again.”
3 – “I liked it, but I wouldn’t get it again.”
2 – “I didn’t like it.”
1 – “I didn’t like it, I will definitely not get it again.”

Here are the 5’s. Obviously, this is just Ryan and my opinion so I’m sure each is a 5 to someone 🙂
BBQ Chicken – bbq sauce, chicken, and red onion.
Chicken Cordon Bleu – ranch, chicken, bacon
Chicken Enchilada – green chile sauce, goat cheese, green chile, cilantro. This one is my favorite but got a 4.5 as a compromise with Ryan 🙂
Meikel – peanut sauce, pineapple, red pepper, scallion, cilantro (Another 4.5)
Rosemary Potato Bacon – olive oil, potato, bacon, green onion, feta, rosemary dust
Pulled Pork – house bbq sauce, slow roasted pork, coleslaw (a 4.5)

and 4’s:
The Austin – bbq sauce, chicken, bacon, green chile, parmesan, egg
Breakfast – red sauce, potatoes, bacon, sausage, chile, red pepper, egg
Chicken Bacon Ranch – ranch, chicken, bacon
Chicken Club – red sauce, chicken, bacon, red onion, romaine, ranch
Chicken Milanese – red sauce, chicken, ham, parmesan, egg
NM Green Chile – bbq sauce, pepperoni, sausage, hatch green chile
Red Curry Pulled Pork – with asian slaw
Super Meat – red sauce, extra pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon
Thai Chicken – house peanut sauce, roasted red pepper, scallion, cilantro
UNM – red sauce, pepperoni, sausage, hatch green chile

It was very fun. I liked the more outrageous ones and Ryan liked the more simple ones, but most of the time it was hard to choose! My absolute favorite has always been and will be Chicken Enchilada. The ones with the Thai peanut sauce are good too when you’re in that mood. I’ll miss Slab Pizza!

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