In 2016, I will ___________


New year, new blog (for the tenth time, haha), and new goals! I saw this phrase and I thought it was a nice way to write down my 2016 goals which lead me to a way to actually track that goal. I thought real hard about mine and although I have a dozen I want to make I kept it at three so I can focus on three aspects of my life: spiritual, physical, and career. Here are mine:

  Master of Scriptures

In 2016, I will become a master of scriptures. I am very bad a scripture studying. Like really bad. It has been a desire of mine to be able to know where a certain scripture is, or understand the stories really well, but I can’t be a scripture master unless I’m actually reading them! So my goal is to read scriptures every day. I want to start with D&C because I have never actually studied them and I’ve wanted to ever since I started reading the Work and the Glory series.

lose 8 pounds

In 2016, I will lose 8 pounds. 2015 was not a good year for me body-wise. It was my first time working full-time and then once I started working remotely and being home all day, it just went downhill from there. This year I’ve felt groggy, gross, and lazy — more than I ever have in my life — and in 2016 that is going to change! Don’t know how yet, because my goals of going to the gym always fail after a month, but luckily I’ve got an amazing and supportive husband who is going to help me out and someone I can be accountable to. I have found that working out in the evening just doesn’t work for me, so we are going to start waking up early and working out together before school and work starts, so wish us luck!

earn 50 freelance

In 2016, I will earn 50% of my income in freelance. I have so many ideas career-wise and what I would like to do with my little freelance business. I don’t want it to be so ‘little’ anymore, so this year I would like to focus a lot more on my freelance. Right now, 24% of my income comes from freelance so I feel like this is a reasonable goal —but also a hard and scary challenge! To be able to do this, I want to update and re-think my business website, promote my services and keep my creative juices flowing with this new blog, and add & sell products to my new shop (I’m not even going to put my link because of how embarrassing my shop is right now…hopefully a launch comes soon). I learned so much last year because of my full-time job (which I love!) and have already started on some new things that will hopefully improve my freelance business and help keep our family from as little debt as possible while my husband’s in dental school…ha!


I am using Elise Joy’s goal tracker, which you can download on her website here. I absolutely love it and I can’t wait to fill in each bubble on my different sheets.


I hope you all had a great New Years and that we can try a little harder to be a little better this year!

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