2019 Word of the Year: Intentional

Last year my word was “enjoy”. After recovering from our miscarriage, I tried to focus on the joy and then being pregnant, it was a great reminder to enjoy the phase we were in before our lives completely changed. For 2019, we have a lot of new adventures coming our way, the biggest being our baby girl joining the family.

I have always wanted to be an intentional parent. When it comes to intentional parenting,  I want to be more mindful and purposeful in my day-to-day choices and activities. I want to move through this year with more intention.

I want to start living more purposefully, taking time to connect to others and myself more deeply, more meaningfully.

  • Relationally intentional – Really being with people. Listening to them. One on one time with my husband. Serving others thoughtfully and well.
  • Spiritually intentional – studying the scriptures with more intent than just checking it off my to-do list. Praying with intent and a reason.
  • Financially intentional – Save more. Give more.
  • Physically intentional – Healthy eating. Letting go of perfect body images and body self-shaming.
  • Living intentional – Cultivate my interests. Simplify and organize our living. Make time for experiences and travel. More pictures. Less social media scrolling.

I will work with more purpose and intention this year. Let’s do this!

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