3 Years

Three years down and it feels like a blink.

But at the same time I really can’t remember what life is like without him. We met just a few days after our graduations and I never knew how instantly I would find the love of my life!

Ryan has this way about him that makes you smile and laugh and just feel happy about life. You can tell his joy comes from deep within him.

I love how he always speaks to cashiers at the grocery store or at McDonalds by their name and he knows exactly how to make someones day. I am going to have the most intense smile wrinkles from this guy.

This 3rd year has been the year that brought us closer than any other in the past 7 years. We got into our groove of being our own little family away from everyone else. We really became our closest and best of friends. This past year has been full of ups and downs, with lots of unknowns and frustrations of trying to get pregnant, but he still gets me to smile and laugh when I’m having a pretty crummy day.

We have had fun painting Bob Ross together, playing disc golf at the little park south of Iowa City, and supporting each other in our newfound hobbies.

This 4th year feels like it’s gonna be a great one. We are excited to become parents but we also are soaking up the time we have with just the two of us as much as we can before it’s gone.

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