General Conference Notebook

My creative project this week with my sister’s is finding a way to get more out of general conference this weekend. Since I’m obviously in the mood for designing notebooks, I created a General Conference Notebook where I can keep notes and write down what inspires me through the weekend. I love it so much I am giving it all to you for FREE! I will show you how to put it together into a perfect little book below.

First step, click the button below to download the General Conference Notebook.




You could print from home but when I tried to it was a fail since my computer doesn’t print double sided. I thought it would work and just have some blank pages between but the book is way too thick. BUT if you have a printer that prints double sided (or where you work, free printing! haha) or would like the blank pages…or are just curious how to print a file into a book that can be folded, read on! I also explain the steps to taking it in to get printed so scroll down for that 🙂

Printing from Home

Open up the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro (It has to be something that has the booklet option). Go to File > Print and click Booklet as one of the options.


Unlike the image, make sure you click Landscape as the Orientation. It will help the print get closer to the edges!


Getting it Printed at a Local Print Shop

Believe me, you will just want to get it printed at a place that can easily do double sided. All you need to tell them is to print it double-sided in a booklet, B&W and landscape. You could even email in this document to them and all you’d have to do is pick up and pay! I spent a little extra to get a teensy bit thicker paper than the normal copy paper so that the pages weren’t too see-through so my total was around $5 but you could get it much cheaper than that if you used copy paper.

Also, they can fold and staple for you, but since folding and stapling can be done at home for free, just take it home, take a few piles of the pages (I did 3 sections of the sheets) and fold them in half so the general conference page was the front page. Put them together, making sure the middle page is 30 & 31, and then staple the side together! A cheap stapler I had didn’t work for it, so I would just suggest them to fold and staple for you. I’m sure it doesn’t cost much.

Make yourself spend a half hour (really only 10 minutes!) to get this printed out this week so you can have an inspiring and great General Conference weekend!!


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