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I’m McKenzie and I make stuff like it’s my job. More specifically, I design brands & develop websites for people that want to share their amazing ideas with the world! I also love to do personal projects. Whether it’s through design, photography, knitting, calligraphy, cooking, crafting — I’ll try just about anything! My motto is: Why be a master in one thing when you can be great at dozens of things...

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Cutest Modern Play Mats

Practical, durable and beautiful mats. These materials are easy to wipe clean which is a necessity with children.

1 | This foldable play mat is simple and would work in any home.
2 | I love the playmats from Toddle Kind, they are expandable so you can make them any size and create your own patterns, yet they still aren’t in your face crazy.
3 | I just love this blue color from Wander and Roam. Although it isn’t foldable or can be taken apart, it looks pretty and comfortable.
4 | Another foldable playmat but this one has the cutest gradient of colors. for a fun pop in a playroom.
5 | Gathre mats are a great playmat. Although they aren’t all padded, it still works great. I love this town one in a modern style!
6 | Yay mats have very cute and modern designs for the foam attach kind of mats!
7 | Although this mat is the most expensive, it looks like Cream Haus mats have the best quality and would stand the beating of kids for years and years!
8 | The House of Noa has tons of play mats and other mats to find just the right color and design for your home!
9 | I love when a product has more than one function and this mat from Ruggish is double-sided with a track on one for those littles that love to sit right at your feet during cooking time.