Playroom Fruit Prints

With our recent move, we finally have a space dedicated to just a playroom for our kids. And I am so excited to start decorating it with big huge prints on the wall!

For some reason, I gravitate towards modern colorful fruit or vegetable prints when thinking through the design of our basement. They seem like the epitome of a playroom for kids. Bright and fun and simple shapes.

I scoured thousands of fruit prints and only chose the best ones that I would personally hang in my own home. I think these would be cute as prints near your kitchen or pantry as well since, you know, they’re fruits.

Ryo Takemasa

Ryo’s Vegetable and Fruit collection is one of my absolute favorites. This graphic yet realistic illustration style would look amazing blown up on a wall with three of your favorites in frames. You can buy some of them (not all, unfortunately) on his Society6 page. I love the apples, banana, and shiitake. I love everything else he creates, definitely check them out here, but I drool over those fruits and veggies!

Lan Truong

These are probably my absolute favorite of the whole bunch! The bright colors, simple graphic shapes, and modern lines would just pop on a playroom wall! This little apple and cherry face print is super cute. I love her illustration style and you see her work on Pinterest and Dribbble everywhere! I love all the food illustrations she has as well and could see those hanging in my kitchen. I can’t find anywhere to buy these but I will keep looking for a way to get them on my wall!

Yamauchi Kazuaki

Another artist I love that I found through their famous Pinterest illustrations was this Japanese illustrator. I love his vintage/retro style and this apple print would be very cute in a playroom. You could take a few of his other prints and make a series as well! I think the strawberry and cucumber would be great companions. This one would be great by itself as well.

This print is also a great combo, he has so many to choose from! He has three prints that would work for a classroom setting as well! Here, here, and here. I also love his children illustrations which would make perfect artwork for a playroom!

Lorna Freytag

I absolutely love this artist’s alphabet prints that would be absolutely adorable on a playroom wall. They have lots of options to choose from for each letter and have a modern yet playful feel to them.

Amanda Jane Jones

You may have seen the adorable Yum Yummy Yuck board book around, it is super cute. You can purchase the cute apple, banana, cherry, and pear prints that would make the perfect modern piece on your wall. Both stylish and cute for a playroom! You can buy them on the House of Lars website!

Sarah Abbott — Water Sounds

I recently came across this artist’s Etsy shop and she has so many great pieces! This citrus set is so adorable for a playroom. I also love the mushroom, pasta, and herb prints for a kitchen series too. This print of a bunch of fruits is also a neat one.

Barbara Dziadosz

I love her work and although there isn’t a good series for a playroom, I just had to include her here since her style is perfect for a children’s room. I love this little apple print. You could do lemons, carrots, and grapefruits. This one illustration of a bunch of fruit is very cute or I love this smoothie illustration for a kitchen print. Her horses and vehicles prints are pretty cute as well.

Daria Solak

This apple print is just too adorable. I love the child-like coloring pencil texture it has to it. The only place I could find to purchase it was here. Why is all the cute adorable stuff from Europe!?

Fine Little Day

There are some pretty cool things on this website. I have had that green pear print saved for years now and I still find it just adorable. You can find the grey pear, apple, and green pear prints on their website.

Rosi Feist

I think these apple and lemon series look great together!


These are simple and would look cute in a small frame with lots of matt next to a little children’s table. You can find the apple and pear prints on her website and she gives lots of background color options to choose from!

Honorable Mentions

Violeta Noy

Even though they seem a little mad, these fruit illustrations are so cute.

Lydia Nichols

This little apple and worm print is cute and unique! She’s got other great illustrations on her site as well.

Chris Silas Neal

This book worm illustration made for Real Simple Magazine is very cute!

Tess Smith Roberts

This apple print with a little worm is also very cute. She has other fun fruit illustrations as well!

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