Everyone who has a blog and a child does a ‘best baby registry’ list but I wanted to list a few items that aren’t as commonly known that I found very helpful to have during pregnancy and postpartum, especially those first few months with your new babe. We all know you need things like strollers and swaddles but these are things I will be recommending to new moms and will be purchasing as gifts since they aren’t as popular as the cute clothes and blankets gifts.


Medela Nursing Camisole

This is definitely my top recommendation for postpartum moms. I wore these every single day for the first few months. The first few days it was nice to be cool and if visitors were coming over, I could just throw on a cardigan to cover my shoulders. The fabric is soft and it feels great to have that extra support around the stomach. Buy three or four of these, you’ll find it totally worth it!

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Lansinoh Nursing Pads

I ordered these while pregnant, not knowing if I’d need two boxes but I’m so glad I did, the first few weeks you go through multiple a day while your milk regulates and I believe it helped to avoid any uncomfortableness because it kept everything dry.

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This has been a great item for me, Hazel has slept wonderfully in it and although I’ve used it since night one, I believe she’s such a good sleeper because of it. We traveled a few times during the first few months and it was so nice that Hazel’s sleeping arrangement was always consistent since I could bring it with me. It honestly wasn’t too bad to transition her out of it when she started rolling over either. I’m all about the simple white but it is fun there are lots of different patterns to choose from.

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Dohm Noise Machine

This noise machine has been SO nice. I worried having it in our room with her crib would be difficult to fall asleep ourselves but I barely notice it and she loves it! Because it’s a real fan inside, it is supposed to be more soothing on the ears than an electronic white noise sound.

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Modern Rocking Chair

I didn’t get this until Hazel was a few months old because we were in the middle of a move, but I wish I had one right from the beginning! It’s a comfortable spot to nurse and it also looks great in the nursery.

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Car Seat Cover

If you live in a cold area, this car seat cover is a life saver! I planned on just using my nursing cover but with hose freezing the temperature was around her due date I knew I’d need something much warmer. This one has fleece and a little flap you can leave open when they want to look around or close to help them fall asleep.

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Haakaa Breast Pump

For those who are breastfeeding, this manual pump is great for catching milk on the side you are not nursing on! You just suction it on and grab that liquid gold to either immediately bottle or freeze for future use.

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Night Light

You will definitely want a night light in the room you plan on nursing in. At night you don’t want to turn on all the lights but you still will need to be able to see enough to nurse and change their diaper. I found my iPhone flashlight to be too bright. I like the sensor night light so I can leave it plugged in all day but it only lights up when needed. Choose one with a low brightness, you don’t need much!

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