The first few days in Jerusalem!

Before I post about specific stories and places I’ve been I wanted to post a few pictures of the first few days in Jerusalem! I got off the plane in Tel Aviv and had a short drive to my new home! Jerusalem is SO beautiful! Especially in the spring time and the weather has been wonderful. I’ve only been here 4 days and I’ve already grown to love this place and the people so much!

Here is beautiful Mt. Scopus with the Jerusalem Center poking out behind! This was my view driving into the city after getting off the plane! A bus full of very excited college students is a big understatement, haha.

All the signs are in English, Hebrew, and Arabic. The languages are so beautiful and I love the written language of them. I am so excited for my Hebrew class!

Our first time going out to the city by ourselves after all the orientation meetings and walks. Although we were still jet lag zombies we were all so excited to go out to the city for the first time! You can see the Dome of the Rock behind us. This is our daily view during class, church, meals, and everything. It really is the best.

I hope these pictures can help you feel like you’re in Jerusalem with me as I walk through history and see these wonderful places and sites! I am so excited for what the next few months have in store for me as I continue to grow my friendships and the knowledge I’ll gain here in Jerusalem. 🙂

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