My new Home the Jerusalem Center!


This is my new home! Isn’t it beautiful!! 🙂

So if you didn’t already know, I am studying abroad in Jerusalem for 3 1/2 months at the BYU Jerusalem Center, also known to the locals as the Mormon University.

The internet was all in Hebrew and I finally figured out how to change it to English so I could post on my blog but it is hard to upload and post my own pictures with the internet in the Center so I’m using pictures from google and I will try to post my own pictures as much as I can.

We had an orientation walk around the Center which is such a beautiful building with the architecture, and the view is spectacular! We also had an orientation walk around the Old City which was awesome. We walked through the Wall Gate like the one on the bottom right (this one is Damascus Gate). The Old City is very packed but is so beautiful and all the people know we are and yell out, “Mormons, Mormons!” or say “Hello beautiful American women!” and honk as they drive by. The people at the vendors will do anything to get business, one said to us, “Eat here, eat here. This is the place Jesus had his first pizza!” Haha, oh it was great. And it is SO close to us! It is a workout though because it is all full of hills and valleys but that’s good because the food at our Center is SO good and I would be getting fat otherwise.


This place is my new home and I love it already! I can’t wait to learn more about the Near East and more about Christ. I’ve already made such good friends and I can’t wait for all the adventures coming my way!

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