Is this really happening!?!

Is this really happening?

  • 6 Days until I get on an airplane and go to Jerusalem,
  • 80 people I will meet and become close friends with this summer,
  • 11 hours on a plane from New York to Tel Aviv,
  • 3 months and 18 days I will be living in the Holy Land, and
  • A once in a lifetime experience is coming my way!

Can you believe it!? I will be here!!

I cannot believe this is really happening…

The reason I started this blog at the beginning of this year was so I could record and share my experiences as I live in Jerusalem this spring and summer and have the most awesome adventure! I can’t believe it is finally here! This semester couldn’t have gone any slower but finals are done, it is time to start packing, and start getting super excited for the next 4 months!

I will be walking where Jesus walked, learning what Jesus taught, and all along the way I will be posting weekly with pictures of every kind and stories with full detail so you can walk in my shoes as I begin this whole new adventure.

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