Backyard Cherry Orchard

Growing up I knew nothing other than crops and orchards surrounding me. Four-wheeler rides to Grandma’s house and picking cherries in the summer. Right in our backyard is an old cherry orchard that is dear to my family’s heart. The trees are enormous, with knots and branches to climb on.

One of my favorite memories from this orchard is playing four-wheel-hide-and-seek. You hide in one of the neighboring orchards, turn off the four-wheeler so they can’t hear you, and once you’re found, quickly turn it on and drive away before they catch you!

During our 4th of July visit, my dad mentioned that it’s time to cut down this orchard and start up a new generation of trees of a better variety. Add almost triple the amount of trees, since now they keep the cherry trees smaller and more manageable. These guys are beasts. It will be sad to come back and see them all gone so we had a little photoshoot to capture these beautiful trees.

I am the most awkward person in front of the camera, so this picture of me not looking at the camera is the best you’ll get. Plus a wrinkly dress from an all-day wear. I wouldn’t make a great fashion blogger would I? 😉 It’s been fun teaching Ryan camera skills; he has even taught me a few things he’s learned online! I love my ‘always learning new skills’ partner in crime!

I am forever thankful for my upbringing and childhood. I absolutely love my little hometown and all the family I have supporting me in all I do. Time for a new season and some good changes coming in the future.

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