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Inspiring Podcasts | McKenzie Sue Makes Favorites

I am always late to trends or fads so only recently have I taken up listening to podcasts. But now I am addicted. I am obsessed with learning new things and learning from those who have the wisdom and experience that I don’t have. I listen to them while I cook dinner and fold laundry and sometimes when I’m working and I can focus on what is being said. The majority of the podcasts are about motherhood which doesn’t apply to me right now but I still listen to them anyways. 😉 And so I wanted to share a couple of my favorite podcasts with you! I have found a lot of inspiration from them and I hope you will too.

God Centered Mom Podcast


“If we chose to daily clothe ourselves in humility, by placing God in the center, we are free to serve our families with joy and bring God glory.”

I decided to try out some podcasts when I had a long flight and came across this one. I ended up listening the whole flight and was hooked. Even though I am not a mom, I have found the chats with Heather McFadyen and her guests very inspiring.

Favorite Episode(s): Unstuffed, How to Break Busy, That’s Me…Craving Authentic FriendshipsI’m Happy for you (Sort of…Not Really), How to Quit Hustle and Embrace Small-Moment Living

Mormon Mompreneur Podcast


“Welcome to Mormon Mompreneur where we nurture and nourish women of faith, motherhood and business. Our whole purpose is to help you increase in faith, support you in motherhood and grow in business.”

Again, although I am not a mom I have liked learning about how I can balance my faith with everything else that comes with life and learn from those who have successful businesses. I definitely recommend this one!

Favorite Episode(s): Rosemary from Q. Noor

Elise Gets Crafty


Elise is one of my favorite entrepreneurs. I just know that if we met we would be great friends! I would love to do exactly what she does and I love her podcast that talks mostly about creative small business.

Favorite Episode(s): On Focus and what to do when you “Have too many ideas”, Making Time to Make, Feeling Charged Up as an Introvert, On Documenting Life by the Second

Coffee + Crumbs Podcast


I’ve been reading Coffee + Crumbs since the beginning, such beautiful writers and stories. This one is solely about motherhood, another one that doesn’t make sense for me but this post is all about showing how weird I am right? I would look at this one as well.

Favorite Episode(s): Making Mom Friends, It’s Their Day Too, Pregnancy Perspectives, The Girlfriend’s Guide to Creating a Baby Registry

Honorable Mentions:

Make it Happen: A Podcast by Jen Carrington

Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han
Young House Love Has a Podcast
Read-Aloud Revival
The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

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